for visitors

order, pay and get rewards
at events with your smartphone

No more lines. Visitors can order, pay and get rewards right from the palms of their hands using their own devices. Group orders and payments have never been more convenient, while engaging in diverse promotions and live contests have never been more fun. Offline? No problem. Frontrow works without a solid connection.

one seamless flow that
brings everything together

Visitors enjoy events and venues without interruption when Frontrow is supported. Our solution integrates with existing suppliers for ticketing, food and drinks, parking, lockers and more to create one seamless flow for visitors. Everything in reach without difficulties.

all benefits in a row

Visitors use the interfaces and brands they are accustomed to, to which Frontrow adds functionality powering: ordering, payments and rewards. Used by individuals or as a group. Better at every event due to continuous feature optimization and new additions.

Lines are the nightmare of every event and venue visitor. Skip the lines by using your Frontrow powered event or venue app when entering, ordering or paying.

Entrance, parking, lockers, ordering, payment and more. In your event or venue app, all accessible in one go and overview.

Orders are transferred to the bar digitally so no more mistakes. You can track your order at every moment. Whether you order individually or as a group.

Buy pre-paid event and venue tokens. Easily add them to your wallet or gift them to a friend.

Any tokens left? Either keep them in your wallet, activate a refund and get your money back, transfer your tokens to a friends wallet or donate them to a good cause.

Participate in awesome activities on-site and get rewarded.

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