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// Require the Frontrow library with a test secret key.
const Frontrow = require('frontrow')('')

// Transfer tokens from one wallet to another
const plan = await Frontrow.token.transfer({
  amount: 5,
  token: '8e7dcfdc-e2b4-467b-ac51-ac7218001bd7',
  from: '85f42de9-0b84-49b8-82ed-f7c8ca044aef',
  to: '78fc23f3-e302-4995-ba6e-5b8ed0d5e11e',

add mobile ordering, payment and
rewards using our SDKs and APIs

Use our SDKs to integrate Frontrow platform in your existing apps. We have them available for iOS, Android and Web. All are well documented and easy to use. Integration is a breeze. Extending them is supported if you want to customize flows, UX and more. Want to add additional custom functionality? Then use our APIs.

integrate just once
and stay fully managed

As developers we understand that requirements change continuously. Specifically in the dynamic events and venues industry. This is why we have created SDKs that you can easily integrate into existing apps. You can then use our admin panel to make changes to flows, setup new tokens, tiles, trigger new integrations and get valuable insights without adding additional code.

Core SDK




Embed API


all benefits in a row

Event and venue brands are created with care. Our solution is complementary and integrates within the existing boundaries of the brands ecosystem using our SDKs and APIs. To ensure the on-boarding is a breeze, integration only needs to happen once while further setup and management can be done via our admin panel.

Frontrow is a cloud based Software as a Service platform. Fully configurable and adaptable to the specifics needed for your company’s branding. We take care of the compliance, privacy, security, updates, scalability and out of the box integrations.

Customizations, management and setup (including Single Sign On, API keys and more) can all be handled through our admin panel. No need for additional coding. Create new tokens, tiles or build completely new flows without the need to make code changes.

Our team adds new functionality and improvements on a daily basis. We use input from our customers and their data as well as input from end-user panels to set the right priorities. Every event will be better than the previous one.

We provide specific integration with third-party vendors in different segments like operational providers, (online) marketing tools, CRM/ERP systems, financial administration and many others. All maintainable from our admin panel.

Need support? Use our Slack and IRC channels to talk directly to our development team. We want to make sure you get the best support so you can build great tools for your visitors.

Our APIs and admin panel provides several ways to fetch (real-time) event streams, analytics and historical data for your events and venues. Giving you endless possibilities to be creative.

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