Corona proof customer experience platform for events

Give your fans a seamless event experience. Fully mobile ordering, payment, ticketing and health check experiences adapted to your branding.

A seamless personal journey for event visitors

Fans don’t like to switch back and forth between apps. They prefer to interact with event organizers on a branded platform in a seamless experience. Frontrow is a white-label platform which is adaptable (white-label app and SDK available) to any event or organization and easily activated within existing (iOS, Android, Web) apps. Our segmentation and live dashboard features let organizers create even deeper personalized experiences for their fans and create a safe environment for all.

Seamless personal journey

Safe order F&B and merchandise

The challenges of creating a safe environment during events are massive. Frontrow helps event organizers with an all-in-one solution to make safe order, payment and (timeslot) pick-up possible with the use of mobile. Our platform works seamlessly with digital payment platforms used in the event industry. It only takes a couple of hours to setup and is flexible enough to supports real time offering (personalized), sponsored announcements and group orders and payments in a safe way.

“I have never experienced a more user friendly way to order my food and drinks. It made me feel much safer and it was faster as well.”

Robin, Digital Marketing Manager
Safe order

Covid safety before, during and after events

Frontrow lets event organizers create safe events by integrating Covid test results in the activation of tickets. Frontrow supports different ticketing platforms and integrates seamlessly so tickets can be used from within the app. Now we take it one step further and activate tickets based on the outcome of a Covid test before the event, keep a live check in place on who goes where during the event and provide dashboards and exports of data to intervene after the event if needed.

Covid safety

Deposit cans and bottles

Frontrow makes deposits of cans and bottles, including the (optional) financial transaction, easy for both fans and organizers. As part of our platform, we allow products to be linked towards the deposit of cans and bottles including the price that is redeemed after delivery. Now that a growing number of countries make deposits mandatory by law, Frontrow delivers a full proof solution for organizers that even includes sponsoring options to gamify the deposits for fans.

Deposit cans

A new way for fans to engage with your events: before, during and after

Connect fans across the full customer experience before, during and after events without them having to switch apps.

Fans love the convenience that Frontrow offers from the palm of their hand.

Get access to realtime information on access, crowds, orderflows, revenue and possible bottlenecks.

Communicate and engage with fans and get relevant information to them when they need it.

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